Katie Slater

Katie Slater

  • Position: Equine Specialist
  • Location: 15285 Watertown Plank Rd, Suite #102 Elm Grove, WI 53122
  • Email: info@Whitestar-Wellness.com

Personal Experience & Biography

I have been around horses my whole life and to this day spend most of my time at the barn! I started working professionally with horses back in 2020 right when the pandemic hit. I was lucky enough to work as an equine specialist at an experiential therapy barn for children and adults of all ages. I quickly learned that I had found something pretty special. The connections to nature, animals and people that I saw were miraculous and have changed my life forever- quiet people finding their voice, people overcoming fears, people who had never been out of the city experiencing open fields or meeting a horse for the first time and so much more. Especially in a time where the world didn’t seem too sure of itself, the animals were a constant for so many people, myself included. 

Horses are very intuitive, living each day based on the energy around them. They communicate non verbally and rely heavily on body language. Through their natural way of being horses create an environment conducive to non judgmental and unbiased self reflection and healing. 

I work as a barn manager full time, caring for the horses we use in therapy. When I get to work along side these animals in a session helping someone navigate troubles they are having, I feel more grateful than I can describe. The animals that I know, love and care for – helping to heal, is just so special and profound to me. 

I love sharing my passion for horses and wish that everyone had the opportunity to experience them in some way. In creating this safe space together, I hope we can give people that same chance to heal.

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