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We treat other health conditions

We treat a wide range of mental health and life concerns and not all can be covered by the above categorized mental health conditions. Some other common concerns that people come in for are:

–  Stress

–  Relationship concerns

–  Self-esteem

–  Identity development

–  Work/life balance

–  Perfectionism

–  Life transitions

–  Grief

–  Sleep difficulties

–  Anger management

–  Impulsivity

–  Life directions

–  Discontentment

–  Chronic pain

–  Discrimination

–  Family issues

…And more

We want you to know that even if you don’t fit into any specific mental health condition “category” that you are welcome at Whitestar Wellness. If you are unsure if therapy is right for you, please reach out or schedule a free phone consultation to gather more information. We can’t wait to work with you on whatever goals or concerns you may want to bring to therapy!

Call (414) 552-8242 or email us at info@whitestar-wellness.com to speak to any of our office staff to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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