Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorder Home What is a substance use disorder? Do you have difficulty controlling alcohol or drug use? Do you find that when you try to cut down or quit that it is extremely difficult or even impossible? Have you noticed an increased tolerance to your substance of choice?…

Bipolar Disorders

Do you find yourself having extreme mood shifts from debilitating to depression to feeling high energy and distractible? Do these shifts occur over the period of more than several days and do these changes cause significant distress in your life?


Do you ever feel like you have lost interest in things that once gave you pleasure? That you have low mood or low energy? That you find yourself struggling with motivation or feeling unworthy?

Panic Disorder

Panic attacks often include physical symptoms that might feel like a heart attack, such as trembling, tingling, or rapid heart rate. Panic attacks can occur at any time.


Do you have frequent worry that interferes with your daily life? Do you feel restless, wound-up, or on edge frequently? Do you have difficulty with sleep or fatigue?

LGBTQ+ Issues/Concerns

While a person’s sexual or romantic orientation or gender expression may not be a source of distress, many have found that social stigma attached to their personal identity can cause psychological stress.